Porsche Region Poster Charity Initiative

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Current Photographer Participants:

@richardfromtoronto – Locations: Toronto, North Eastern USA, Montreal Vietnam, South East Asia and More.

@tos__photography – Locations: Munich & Germany

Photographers in these Locations Needed:

ONTARIO: Ottawa (NCR), Golden Horseshoe, Kitchener/Waterloo

USA: Detroit, Chicago, Albany, Richmond, Charlotte,Atlanta (and more)

If you’d like to participate and donate your time and 1-2 photos per location, please sign up below!

North Eastern USA and Canada Dates Now Available – Shoots are Limited Contact ASAP.

Are you a Porsche owner or a photographer interested in contributing to a good cause? If so, I invite you to register your interest below, where we’ll kickstart the coordination process. Currently, we have two tours planned across various cities in the Northeastern USA and Canada, with more tours and regions set to be added as we establish partnerships with photographers.

Stay tuned for upcoming tours in South East Asia, Germany and Australia as well.

Even if your city isn’t listed below, don’t hesitate to fill out the form—we’ll make sure to reach out to you soon as we add more partners and or plan more tours. Our goal is to have at least 50 posters by the end of the year; currently, we have three completed and three more in progress.

We have tentatively selected the charity to be benefited by the over-all print sales. More to come on that!

Cities up for Consideration on the North East Tour: Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Baltimore etc etc.

UPDATE ON THE NORTH EAST: We were able to get SEVERAL locations knocked out including: Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Staten Island, Jersey City, New Haven, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Princeston, & Quebec! Way more than i anticipated based on the short notice, thanks for everyone who came out!!

Early Registration for South East Asia Open Now as Well

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Example: I own a 2019 Porsche 718 and i’d like to submit my car for consideration for a free 30 minute photoshoot.
Example: I am a photographer from California and i’d like to submit photos for consideration..

“We had a ton of fun doing the shots for charity. Not only will it support a great cause, I got some very cool shots of my car! Can’t wait to buy one of the prints”